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Just read it.... What more can I say?
Just read it.... What more can I say?
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    It would be difficult to imagine or even find a company today without an Internet presence. It is an inexpensive way to share massive amounts of information, and reach, literally, the entire world. I believe the best way to create and maintain your customer base is to educate them as to why your product, service, or company has quality. My theory in web design is that any information your client desires should be available from the main page with one, or at the very most, two clicks. Take a look at these websites to see some of my work for myself as well as for my clients. The images are links to the website described.
The Thirsty Bird
Thanks to The thirsty Bird
for allowing use of this image.
    The Thirsty Bird is a new client as of 8/2012. The layout was created to match the design presented to me by the client.
Coronado Coffee Roasters
Thanks to Coronado Coffee Roasters
for allowing use of this image.
    Coronado Coffee Roasters Is a new client as of 5/2011. The logo and mountain photo was supplied by the company, but the rest of the layout was designed and created by me.
Hottop website
Thanks to Michael C. of Hottop USA
for allowing use of this image.
    Hottop USA has been my client for many years. This site is an excellent example of my work. I have created all the photographs, procedures, text, and layout for this website.
Rick Mayer Cycle website
Thanks to Rick Mayer Cycle
for allowing use of this image.
    Rick Mayer Cycle has been a client for many years as well. The photographs here are transmitted to me electronically and I improve and format them for the website. The PDF files here (interactive forms and calculators), as well as the entire layout and design were of my creation.
EME website
    Espresso! My Espresso! Is my educational coffee website. While I do not sell anything on the site, it is a good example of how the Internet can be used to reach and educate people. 100% of the content there is my creation other than a few photos which are marked as such.

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